Welcome to Kids Go Global

If we had a dollar (or a euro or a peso or a yen) for every person surprised that we travel the world with our daughter, we’d be able to retire at one of our more exotic travel destinations. For all the many things most people do with their young children, it seems travel is rarely one of them. We’ve heard many reasons not to travel with kids ranging from wanting to wait until they are old enough to remember their travels to security issues to just not wanting to deal with the hassles. We take exception to these excuses – how many other things do we do with our children they won’t remember (music classes, outings to the zoo, feeding them only organic vegetables)? Yes the world can be a scary place but it can also open up whole new ways of thinking that you can’t get staying at home. And absolutely, there are hassles taking children on the road (and in the air), but for us the joys far outweigh the headaches.

Before our daughter Grace was born we traveled throughout Asia, Europe, Canada, the United States and Latin America. The excitement of travel and the perspective it gives us on the world are so important to us that we intentionally decided to continue discovering the world with our baby. Children begin to acquire their worldview from birth and we wanted our daughter’s to include an understanding of the places, people and issues beyond her backyard, not to mention wanting to have fun with her. By the time she reached 16 months Grace had already traveled to four countries and five U.S. states, and all three of us thrived on our trips.

This blog has its roots in a recent two-week trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, one of the most elegant and exciting cities in the world. We were pleasantly surprised at how, with a lot of forethought, we were able to pull off an enjoyable vacation for all three of us in a fairly off-the-beaten-path location. While strolling with Grace through some of Buenos Aires’ beautiful parks we were reassured in our belief that our children can grow up excited about all this planet holds. While planning for the trip we were surprised at how little information we found for parents who wanted to travel with their children somewhere beyond the all-inclusive resorts (which we also love, but not for every trip). We decided to create Kids Go Global to document our experiences as globe-trotting parents and to hear from others who do or want to do the same.

Thanks for visiting our blog. We hope you find our experiences helpful and we really love to hear your perspective through comments on this blog. Remember kids do go global…if only you’ll take them!


2 responses to “Welcome to Kids Go Global

  1. Michelle Chiafulio

    Love your newest blog! What a great idea!!!! I’ll definitely take many of your tips to heart when we plan our next trip…especially the apartment idea!
    We took a 10 hr direct flight with Miles last summer to Hawaii (he was 2.5)…. he didn’t sleep a wink, since we were travelling with the sun (from NY to Hawaii), but we had a big bag of little toys and gadgets (silly putty, play doh, markers/ paper, lots of little cars/ action figures, sticker books, etc.), so each of us would trade off introducing a new toy… our last “trick” was a portable dvd player that we had borrowed from a friend, and wouldn’t you know it, but it was broken!!!! We also visited other kids on our walks up and down the aisles (and play with their toys!) Anyway, your blog gives me the courage to venture out of this country with our son! Thanks!!!

  2. Found your blog via Travel Savvy Mom. I’m looking forward to hearing more exciting traveling stories from your family.

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