Mia Moda Travel Strollers: Cielo vs. Cielo Evolution

As we’ve posted elsewhere on this blog we are big fans of the Mia Moda Cielo stroller, despite the fact that two have broken on us. We figured out how to fix them with a simple screwdriver (popping up the latch behind the seat) but the manufacturer has kindly replaced the stroller each time at no charge, increasing our undying love for this brand. We’re now on our third Mia Moda stroller and this time the company upgraded us to the all new Cielo Evolution. The Fed Ex guy just dropped it off this afternoon and we’re in stroller heaven.

We love the basic Cielo (above) because it is small, super lightweight (15 pounds), easy to fold with one hand, comfortable for our daughter, and easy to push even on rough surfaces thanks to large rear wheels and front-wheel suspension. It won the JPMA award for design innovation it’s so clever.

The all-new Cielo Evolution (above) has us drooling though (isn’t it crazy what we parents get excited about?). First of all it’s chocolate and mint-green. Love the color combination! The basic Cielo is light-blue and shows every speck of dirt (and there are a lot of specks on there). This brown will hide Grace’s smeared snacks so much better. The Evolution is a teeny bit bigger but increases in weight by only 2 pounds, weighing in at just over 17 pounds. Steve noted the rear wheels seem a little bit bigger which should only add to the control we’ve found to be so great in the basic Cielo. The seat has more padding for Grace, a deeper recline as well as arm rests (the basic Cielo does not), PLUS, wait for it, there’s a cup holder! That’s a great bonus for a travel stroller when it’s nice to have your water or your child’s sippy cup at your fingertips.

Overall we’ve been happy with our basic Cielos (both of them!) but we are thrilled to give the new Evolution a spin. We’ll update this posting once we’ve used it for a bit if we have any changes. The basic Cielo retails anywhere from $99-$139 through various online retailers. The Evolution seems to run higher at around $180 although we imagine the price will go down after it’s been on the market for a while. Either one is a good investment for the traveling family, as far as we’re concerned.

Have you tried the Mia Moda? What did you think? Or do you have another favorite stroller for travel? Do tell by leaving us a comment here.


11 responses to “Mia Moda Travel Strollers: Cielo vs. Cielo Evolution

  1. Once our son was old enouhgh, that we couldn’t carry him in a Baby Bjorn anymore, we bought a cheap umbrella stroller (Kocraft – $19.99) that we take with us on all our trips. It is compact, light, and cheap (so that if it gets banged up when we check it – then it is easy enough to replace it). So far, we have had it almost two years, and taken it on at least a half doen trips – all over the US. It is still in good shape, though the wheels are a bit worn. Of course, it is pretty bare bones, but it works for our purposes.

  2. We love the Ergo for traveling. We also use a Maclaren umbrella which is light weight, has a carrying strap, and easy to unfold…but the Ergo is fabulous for long trips – you can easily throw it in the suitcase 0r carry it on if you want to use it in the airport. We used it just this weekend on a camping trip where we didn’t bring our stroller at all. Our son is about 27 lbs. and 21 months – he still fits in it with lots of space & loves to be carried on daddy’s back! We also travel a lot with our Bob Revolution – it handles awesome on rough terrain. We took it to both Mexico & Hawaii – it was super for navigating the rough sidewalks and dirt roads we encountered. Yes, it’s bigger than the Maclaren but when you’re using it as a small luggage cart in the airport too, it comes in quite handy – and you can’t beat how easy it is to get around in more “rustic” terrain!

  3. does any one know where i can buy the mia moda stroller in australia?

  4. Hi Anne-Maree,

    I do not but I would recommend contacting the manufacturer directly at http://www.miamodainc.com. They have a Contact Us section on their site and they will respond to you. Good luck!


  5. Melissa Keleti

    Does the basket on the evolution have something more substantial than velcro attaching it to the frame?


  6. Hi Melissa,
    Yes the new evolution basket attaches with snaps. The old basic Cielo fastens with Velcro and we did find if we dropped anything in the basket too quickly the velcro would come undone. Another benefit of the new model. Thanks for visiting our site and come back soon!

  7. Ok, so after reading review after reivew for the last month or so, AND after talking to a Mia Moda respresentitive online, I knew this was the perfect stroller for us! Between 3 kids and over a time span of 9 years I have owned 12 . . .yes 12 strollers! Can you believe it? I have had four umbrella strollers, two tandem stroller, two double jogging strollers, 1 small folding stroller, one jogging stroller, and 2 regular standard strollers. This stroller will make number 13. . . lucky number 13. This will definitly be my smallest of them and I am thrilled to get it! We will be doing some cross country traveling soon – by car, and this will be perfect with three kids and a dog in the van. I am so thrilled to see that Mia Moda is a wonderful company who stands behind their strollers. I just bought my Evolution for $135 on buydig.com What an awesome deal!

  8. Hi

    That’s a great idea.

  9. I have a Cielo Evolution. It has a couple of issues, bit overall I like it. One of the best things about it, is due to the design, I have found that I can put my daughter’s car seat on it, strap it in place with a bungee cord (it’s very secure feeling), and buckle her into the car seat, and voila, I’m cruising through the airport with a free hand for my suitcase. It’s very easy to take the seat off for security, etc. I paid only $100 for mine on ebay, which is about the same price as those car seat carrier things for air travel.

  10. I am wondering if the Cielo Evolution will fit my soon to be 3 year old. He is about 30lbs and I know it says the stroller will hold up to 40lbs. We are going to Disney in Oct and I am in search of a good stroller for plane travel and Disney travel. When we went 2 years ago, I purchased an Inglesina and it is now wearing down and I am not going to fight that stroller for a week in Disney. I don’t want to spend a fortune considering he is our last and I am not sure how much longer he will stay in the stroller but I want a good dependable stroller. So, I am looking into buying the Cielo Evolution and wondering if it is a good choice! Thanks!

  11. I bought a Maclaren twin stroller when I recently had beloved new born twin boys. After searching for twin strollers I came across the Techno and Triumph twin strollers and they looked promising. I ended up purchasing the Techno. I was surprised at how easy a maclaren twin stroller is to walk around town with. I have seen parents using twin strollers before and they were wide and wide, but thats not a problem with this one. I am extremely happy to have come across these strollers. I hear they are wonderful for a toddler and baby, not just for twins. So anyone planning on having children close together might want to take a look, I recommend it.

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