Enter the Kids Go Global Travel Contest and Win an Ergo Baby Carrier!

In celebration of our recent launch, we are thrilled to announce our first ever travel contest! The grand prize is a complete Ergo baby carrier travel system, complete with carrier, infant insert and backpack valued at over $170!

Second prize is a passport travel bag from Bambootique, Beth’s fair trade company, valued at $22 PLUS a copy of the excellent travel book Travels with Baby, signed by author Shelly Rivoli and valued at $20.

Third prize is a copy of the Lonely Planet’s helpful guide Travel With Children, valued at $15.

The prizes are great and entering is super easy, but you have to do before the end of July to qualify, so enter now! Just submit a comment at the bottom of this post in one of the following three categories:

  1. Best Travel Destination – Tell us about the most interesting place you have traveled with your child(ren), why you chose it and why you would (or wouldn’t) recommend it for other families.
  2. Best Travel Tip – What is the most useful tip you have learned in your own experience to help make traveling with kids more enjoyable for everyone?
  3. Best Travel Story – What is the most exciting, craziest, most unbelievable, or most hysterical travel story your family has experienced?

Please indicate at the beginning of your post which category you are entering. Be sure to include your email address (won’t be made public on the site) so we can contact you if you win! Regardless of which category you submit for, please keep your entry somewhat brief. Please only one entry per household. Entries close July 31st, when we will choose our winner in each category. From those three winners we will randomly draw from a hat to decide who gets which prize. Thanks for entering and good luck!


64 responses to “Enter the Kids Go Global Travel Contest and Win an Ergo Baby Carrier!

  1. Ok so I have traveled all over Europe and Mexico before my son Henry 9 months was born. We did take Henry to San Diego when he was just shy of two months old and we have visted the beach several times. So I don’t have a crazy story to share but I wanted to enter the contest. We are planning to take a trip to Sweden soon, maybe I will have somthing intersting then. I will share the best tip I have heard is nursing before take off, this worked wonders and kept our newborn sleepy and very travelable:)

  2. Best Travel Tip(s)
    1) Bring new toys on the plane – something that held our daughter’s attention for hours was the iPlay Garden Fresh Fruits and Veggies collection for $14.99. Best money ever spent!
    2) Phil and Ted’s Me 2 Portable Chair. They are pricey but help to provide another highchair when traveling.
    3) Combi strollers. The stroller seems rickety, but allows you to collapse the stroller and lay the child back for naps. You can check it at the gate and pick it up between flights at layovers to nap a child if needed.

  3. I come from a family of 10 and we all love traveling! I would say that the best tips for traveling with with kids would be:
    1) make sure everyone has rested and eaten; and make sure packed food & drinks are handy
    2) bring new & interesting books/magazines/toys to keep kids occupied during travel time
    3) make sure that the travel itinerary includes children-friendly places of interest
    4) take lots of pics so that everyone can enjoy posing for the camera!
    We had so much fun traveling as kids and I hope to do the same for my babies in the future. We’re expecting our first baby this coming fall and can’t wait to take him traveling with us! These are great prizes to win. Thanks for the chance to win them! 🙂

  4. 1. the maclaren volo- light to carry for parents and for us parents with bigger kids- weight limit is higher
    2. hands free passport holder
    3. a backpack packed with wrapped items for your child to unwrap when they’re bored- i hit the dollar store for inexpensive items.

  5. This is really EASY! We just went to Seaworld/Aquatica with our 2 year old son in May 08. We ALL had so much fun and can’t wait to do it again. I wasn’t sure how it would be taking my toddler to a park like this, but he had so much fun and learned so much we would do this again ANYDAY!!!!

  6. Best Travel Tip

    It’s hard to choose just one tip… new toys, books and portable art supplies (play dough, coloring, etc) are excellent for entertaining everyone!!

    However, our biggest airplane travel struggle was how to prevent ear pain on take off and landing.

    He was too young to chew gum (and still has no interest in it!!), wasn’t nursing or taking a bottle. So we were really in a quandry about what to do for take off / landing ear pain.

    What really helped his ears was sucking on a lollipop! Sorebee Sugar Free is the way to go since they won’t rot little teeth or get your wee one all hyped up on sugar just before having to sit during a long flight. Plus, they taste good and your kiddee will be thrilled to get a special treat

  7. Best travel tip: if you’re going somewhere domestically, pack extra light. Chances are, you won’t need half as much as you think and you can always pick up another pack of diapers or onesies at your destination. You will have plenty of stuff to carry, so try to lighten your load.

  8. category 1- we have not traveled with our son yet, he is almost 5 months. We plan on going to the UK and France in September though and are super excited/nervous for the first time to travel together with a baby. I would say there is one place we have been NOT to bring an infant/toddler, Africa. Yes, the people there are amazing, I love the place in so many ways, and my husband is from there. It just is not safe for small ones. Exposure to so many diseases such as malaria and yellow fever, plus no safe water increases risk for worms and amoebas. No power , high corruption, and no one respecting laws, plus no existant roads make travel hazardeous. Save the safari for when they are a bit older and will be able to remember it.

  9. We haven’t done an major trips with our children, since they are only 2 years and 10 months. My best travel tip for little ones is to stay close to home and find fun, inexpensive things to do in the area. Little ones are amused easily, so instead of spending a lot on something they won’t remember anyway (like Disney World), we like to go to the local Splashpark, the Drive-In, the 4-H Fair , etc. Actually, their favorite place to go is Grandma’s house-she likes to spoil them and it only costs a little in gas to get there! 🙂

  10. We took our 6 week old to California to visit my parents. It was a breeze to wear him in the airport and on the plane. We used a “Bebe au Lait” to nurse and brought lots of extra clothes and diapers. He pooped twice during a 3 hour flight!

  11. While traveling from Dallas to Los Angeles one Christmas our family made a pit stop to stretch our legs. An area with large boulders, a bunch of climbing kids, and a sign right in front that said “Beware of Snakes” was adjacent to the parking lot. My parents looked at it, then at us and said “10 minutes” and we all raced into the snake infested play area.

  12. Best Travel story:

    There was a guy snow boarding with an infant in a front baby carrier. Talk about putting your child at risk. We wonder if the mother knew what dad was doing.

  13. Best Travel Tip:

    1) Rear Face infants AND toddlers on airplanes. Keeping a toddler rear facing means the toddler kicks their own seat instead of the seat in front of them!!

  14. Best travel destination: The Blue Ridge Parkway for camping, hiking, biking, picnicking and beautiful scenery. I live close, so it’s not travel for me, but I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a low-cost destination for kids. Kids are never bored outdoors. If they are, you’re not letting them out enough.

  15. My travel tip is for Disney – there are so many ways to have fun free/cheap that people don’t think of: for example, my stepdaughter loved taking the boat/monorail between parks and the “Boardwalk”, watching the fireworks from in front of the Swan hotel, spotting “hidden Mickeys” throught the parks. I also bought some Disney themed trinkets on sale at the Disney store before we left on our trip, and gave her them throughout our stay. This was much cheaper than official souvenirs, and drastically cut down on the “gimmes” at the park gift shops.

  16. Best Travel Destination- Well, we haven’t been to alot of places with our daughter, but we live in Texas and go down to the beach in Galveston alot. There’s alot of things to do there with Kids- obviously the beach, and they have Moody Gardens and Schlitterbahn there now. They have lots of good restaurants and The Strand for shopping. I would definitely suggest Galveston if you are in Texas. Great giveaway, thanks!

  17. Best Travel Tip
    My best travel tip is to look up your travel route online, and make a map up (like they do at AAA), with highlighters, marking the way. Your child can follow along where you are going, and you can talk about the sites together. Makes the child feel important, like they are helping you get there!

  18. Craziest travel story: I recently summarized our insane plane trip to upstate New York on my blog: http://noteverstill.blogspot.com/2008/05/opus-travelus.html
    I’ve travelled across Europe, I’ve driven NY-CA-NY twice, but this past Memorial Day weekend was my craziest trip.

  19. New York City is our favorite destination with children. There’s plenty to do and see–much of it even for free!–and even the baby was captivated by the scenery. Thanks for entering me!

  20. Best travel tip we have learned is to be incredibly prepared. Lots of favourite snacks and drinks. The right stroller, hats, sunscreen.
    I try to think through the whole day to make sure we have everything we will need for a successful day. Also, to make sure the driving part of the trip is during nap times!

  21. We gave my daughter a fisher price camera for her to make her own record of the trip.
    Design your Own Custom Tote; http://www.maddymoo.com/kathieb.htm

  22. Buy a seat for your under 1- 2 year old on an airplane. The extra money spent is worth the ease of mind of letting the wiggly one stand/squirm/climb during the airplane flight. We hold our toddler during take off and landing and don’t bother with the car seat….the car seat is more trouble than it’s worth.

  23. Boston was a nice place to travel to with a preschooler. Rainy? Try the aquarium or science museum. Sunny? Take a bus tour or “duck tour”. Calm? Try whale watching. Want to be outdoors? Hike the Freedom Trail. It just seemed like if the weather or the mood changed, it was so easy to find something to match our needs.

  24. Gina Stratos

    Best Travel Destination:

    We love Lake Tahoe. It has activities for all ages (okay, maybe not for a newborn) during all four seasons. When it’s warm, we like to go camping, fishing, hiking and playing in the water. In the winter, we do lots of sledding and snowboarding. There is also a zip-line course that runs year-round for the more adventurous.
    gkstratos@ yahoo.com

  25. We haven’t traveled much with our son who’s only a few months old, but I’ve decided that rather than lugging a ton of diapers with us when we go to the beach next week that I’ll just bring coupons and buy what we need there. Same goes for laundry detergent and other odds and ends. Our car will be pretty tight as is without the extra stuff.

  26. Travel tip. Though I usually don’t like to give my son candy…I’ll give him a couple of gummy bears for the airplane landing. He’s too young to chew gum, and doesn’t know how to “pop” his ears, so these help a lot!

  27. Best Travel Tips – Always, always, always take the car seat with you on the airplane if your child is still in the 5 point harness and you bought them a seat!

    Also, invest in a fantastic, sturdy, lightweight stroller with a recline and a great baby carrier (that will hold your infant or toddler…you never know who will be willing to ride or want to be carried)!

  28. I’ll tell a travel story. When we were kids we road tripped frequently. This was in the days when seat belts were optional, and my mom liked to load up the station wagon to the gills. She packed stuff in the back seat and left the very back open for the dog and one kid to ride back there.

    We were driving over the great divide when there was a loud bang, mom thought we had a blow out and pulled over, but the car was driving normal. She yelled back to brother (in the far back) what happened? Bro yells back I dunno, but there’s chips everywhere!! A bag of chips had expanded because of the high altitude and finally exploded. The dog was ecstatic… 😉

  29. Always. Bring. A. Second. Camera.

    Take it from me: I just had to buy a camera in Cordoba, Spain last week. The worst part? I should know better since this has happened to me before!

  30. Best Travel Destination – we took our 6-month old to Cancun Mexico. It was awesome. Mexico is very family/baby friendly – the local women gushed over our son! And it was the perfect age for a trip – baby wasn’t mobile yet, and mom/dad were ready for a break from the day-to-day routine and brave enough to travel.

  31. Best Travel Tip…As simple as this sounds they are SO important…wipes. Yes, that’s right, wet wipes for all those sticky hands after a lollipop or meals on the go, for wiping down carts and strollers, for getting the ice cream off the shirt, and for hand wiping after the playground…you just can’t beat them!! Thanks for the entry, with our third on the way I would finally love to own a baby carrier!!!

  32. I have been traveling with my daughter ever since she was a 1 year old. Some of my tips are….
    Have small opaque cloth bags filled with tiny stuff that the child has never seen. I pull a new one out every other hour. We have long trips…sometimes 24 hrs so these come in handy.

    As she grew older, these bags have themes. She really looks forward to them.

  33. Our twins are only 8 months, but when we go out I always make sure I have water for them. Very important, especially now during the summer.

  34. We took our 5 month old son to Glacier NP. It was great hiking with him; he loved to be outdoors and was happy in a baby carrier at that age.

    The bad part of the trip is that he got sick, and we were one hour away from the nearest hospital. Luckily we have a pediatrian in the family, who we can call at all hours of the day or night for advise. And we did.

  35. The best tip I have is to bring a few clothespins with you. They can be used to make a bib out of a napkin, mark the page in your travel atlas for your map, hang wet swimsuits from the shower curtain, secure wet towels on the hotel/condo balcony (drape them over the rail, then pin the two sides together underneath so they don’t blow away), keep drapes closed together for darkness in a hotel room, and keep those snack bags closed when the little ones don’t eat everything. Clothespins always come in handy, even if the kids just play with them!

  36. Best Travel Tip

    When we are taking our daughters on long road trips, be it vacation, or family visits. We always buy them a new toy that they don’t get until the trip starts. It is always fun for them to have something new to play with on the ride down. We also buy a new movie for the DVD player.

    Probably one of the only times they really watch a full movie.

    A lot of kids get bored with the same old toys, so picking up one or two new small things always makes their interest peak. And when they are interested in their toys, they are not whining in the back seat!

  37. We enjoy visiting the Hood River Valley in the Columbia Gorge at the border of Oregon & Washington. It’s special to us because Grandma and Grandpa live there, but we’ve found lots of things to do: hiking, biking, riding the train, shopping in the cute shops, playing in the water, eating Mike’s Ice Cream, visiting the library, the history museum, visiting farm stands, picking huckleberries…it’s only an hour away from all that Portland has to offer, too!

  38. Small Plane Travel Tip: We have done quite a bit of small plane travel with our 22-month old son. We’ve flown in both a Cessna 182 and a Bonanza, both 4-seat planes. It might sound scary to fly in such a small plane with a toddler, but with my husband as pilot and me in the back seat with our son, the trips have not been bad at all. If you do embark on small plane travel with a child, make sure you have a headset like the Bose noise-canceling one we use: http://www.bose.com/controller?event=DTC_LINKS_TARGET_EVENT&DTCLinkID=2724&perfsourceid=k15318&src=k15318.
    We have not purchased a child-size headset, but the Bose is smaller than the others we have (I wear a Sennheiser, usually) and seems to stay on his head better. I also put swimming earplugs in his ears, and they serve as back-up when the headset slips or he takes it off. We really haven’t had problems with the earplugs contributing to ear-popping troubles on ascent or landing, and they are easier to keep in my son’s ears than even the child-sized Earplanes brand. I have nursed in the plane before, and now that he’s older, my son keeps a sippy cup of water with him and will drink out of it during the flight, which does help to pop his ears.

    My husband Sam makes sure that only one of the headset feeds is plugged in–the one that allows our son to listen to the controller traffic. That way, he can hear my husband talking, and with a simple flip of a switch, Sam can isolate my microphone so that my son and I can talk or read books through our headsets without any problem. Also, our son loves to hear the airline traffic through his headset, especially when Daddy talks! We do not plug in his microphone jack, though, since unanticipated talking or crying can be disruptive to Sam if he’s trying to listen to an airport controller.

    On a longer trip, I’ve taken him out of his car seat to sit on my lap or stretch his legs, but in small plane travel it is especially important to have your child secured in a seatbelt or car seat during takeoff and landing.

    I realize that smaller planes intimidate some people, but we’ve loved the flexibility of this type of travel and are thankful that we’ve had access to it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to parents with small children. Later this month, we will take our first commercial flight in awhile, and though my son has encountered many of these flights as well (and done fine), I’m almost dreading the inconveniences of the airport in comparison to the ease of flying on our own!

  39. My favorite travel tip is to be flexible when travelling with children.

    If you are driving then you need to stop when the kiddos need a break. We stop and run around a bit while daddy gasses up the car and buys meals. We always eat “on the go” because if the kids need to be sitting anyway, they might as well be sitting in the car.

  40. Best travel destination:
    Fun to stay at the Atlantis in the Bahamas with children older then 6 months after they learn how to sit unsupported. There are plenty of outdoors water rides and pools with different level of water for each member of the family to enjoy. They have shallow ends where babies can just sit and play or if you get an inflatable floatie for the baby us parents can enjoy the water with them in deeper ends. There are also sandy areas where kids and dig with little buckets and shovels that are provided. Its a great place to get some sun and fun all together. I brought my 1 year old there and I highly recommend it. Its much safer then bringing the baby to a public beach.

  41. Travel story:

    While driving through the mountains out East, we rounded a large curve and in the left hand lane of the highway was a chunk of the mountain the size of a house! It had just fallen a few minutes before. There were no emergency vehicles there yet. Just an off duty police officer who was driving by. No one was hurt and we kept going after taking a quick picture.

  42. Best Travel Destination- I would highly recommend traveling to Stockholm, Sweden. We actually lived there for 2.5 years as my husband is Swedish. Stockholm has been going through a major baby boom in the last several years. There are pregnant women and babies everywhere, so you will feel right at home with your little one(s). Stockholm’s city center is filled with restaurants, cafes, and boutiques. You don’t need to worry about renting a car, as you can walk everywhere or use the kid friendly public transportation – subways, buses, trains. The sidewalks are so wide so you can stroll around easily with your stroller and there are strollers everywhere on every block. Kids are welcome in the cafes and restaurants and there are beautiful parks scattered throughout the city. Mothers and fathers get a combined total of 1.5 years of parental leave (paid!!) so you will see both mothers and fathers everywhere with their kids during the day. They are very open minded about their bodies, so you can nurse in public with no inhibitions whatsoever!

    What makes Stockholm special is the city is an archipelago made up of more than a dozen islands so there is water everywhere which is why it is called the ‘Venice of the north.’ They also have a royal family, just like England, and the royal palace is right in the middle of the city. I would especially recommend going in the summer when it doesn’t get dark until 11pm and and the sun comes up at 4am. You can take your family to Skansen (the zoo – you can see moose there and reindeer) or for a picnic at Hagaparken or a boat ride to one of the small islands for lunch or a hike. The only downside is it’s very expensive right now as the dollar is week, so save up a lot before you go!

  43. Best travel tip:

    Use a pool noodle (available pretty much anywhere) under the fitted sheet in a bed instead of bed rails for preschoolers.

  44. When my son was two month old, we took him on a flight from LA to Seattle. The best tip I learned was not only to breastfeed him during take off and landing to keep his ears from popping (you could also bottle feed or give your baby a pacifier), but we brought along a handful of earplugs for the neighboring passengers in case he started crying. Of course, he never cried and we didn’t need to use the earplugs after all.

  45. Bring new toys and a stroller with a carry bag

  46. The one travel destination that I love to go with my kids is Disneyland in Anaheim! I love it because you could make it a short trip to Disneyland, or you can make it a long trip and visit so many other destinations in the LA area!

  47. Travel Tip:

    I have an Ergo (and love it), and I “vote” for “rear facing seats for toddlers” and “clothespins” as the best travel tip. However, I believe in the power of the parent community, so here’s my tip.

    With a toddler in the airport, use a harness and attach it to your belt with a big carabiner. Yes, harnesses are controversial. I believe it’s better (safety wise and mental-health-for-parents-and-kids-wise) for a kid to be able to walk a few feet away safely. They have more autonomy and more ability to explore, but safely. Plus, the harness/carabiner system lets you be hands-free to handle the tickets etc when you need to. Put your (minimal) carry-ons on a rolling luggage cart (strap it all on with bungee cords so it can handle quick turns, starts, & stops) and you’ll have plenty of maneuverability.

  48. TaraNichole

    We just returned from a trip to St. Thomas with our 13 mos old, Benjamin. He was great going to and fro! My best tips would be:
    1. Act excited! He thought getting on the plane was great because we gave him positive energy. He waved and smiled at all of the other passengers. If you are anxious or dreading it…they will sense it and follow suit!
    2. Bring headphones for the young one. He enjoyed putting them on and taking off, listening to music, etc. Plus, when he fell asleep we could slip them on him to drown out noises from other passengers (crying babies!).
    3. Snacks. Snacks. Snacks.
    4. Pack what you like having around at home. It may be more to carry during traveling, but while you are there…life is just easier. We even took his hook-on chair!

  49. Best Travel Tip

    We generally never let our 2-year old watch TV or videos, but we broke down and bought a portable DVD player for our last long road trip. It saved us!

  50. I spent the first and second trimesters of my pregnancy in Italy and Greece. I was studying hard core Art History, and it was fantastic. The only problem was that I had hypremisis, so I was standing in these beautiful churches looking up and feeling like the world was going to collapse.

    The people I was with made up a points system for where I would be able to vomit and how many points it was worth. Let me tell you, I almost made it to the highest level, vomiting in the Sistine Chapel.

    Don’t do this pregnant. I was an adventurous spirit.

    My friends and I even took up doing cartwheels on the steps of St. Peter’s. It was raining, and we had more fun than anyone could possibly have ever!

    On the other hand, I always tell my baby about the good times we had in Italy together when she was a smaller and easier to carry package!

  51. Travel Tips:

    We are currently in Singapore and will be flying out to India this evening with our 10 year old, Amanda, and 14 month old, Ela. Total travel time to Singapore last week was 24 hours – so far our best tips for traveling with children would be:
    1. Fly Singapore Airlines whenever possible!
    2. Book a Bassinet with Galley seating. (Check the airlines for weight / length restrictions.) http://www.seatguru.com/ is great for checking out detailed seat maps. I will post pictures of the bassinet when we return from our trip.
    3. Carry-on loads of SNACKS & TOYS (we hit up the Dollar Tree & Target for a bunch of small, light, toys). Though we did not actually consume many of our snacks or play with the toys, it was peace of mind knowing they were handy!
    4. Check with your doctor, but we gave Ela a small dose of BENEDRYL on our final flight into Singapore from Seoul so she could get some sleep. (She was so excited by all that was going on that she was fighting sleep most of the trip. Benedryl helped push her over edge.) Be sure to test it out prior to your trip though as it can make some children wakeful -what a nightmare that would be!
    5. Pack more than enough BABY WIPES for the flight and your travel destination. Also pack small packs of TISSUE / TRAVEL TOILET PAPER. Travling abroad really makes you appreciate small things such as toilet paper in the bathroom. 🙂
    6. Be sure to travel with a TRAVEL STROLLER and a BABY CARRIER. We are loving Beth’s Mia Moda Cielo – although the airlines often mistakes it for luggage. The carrier is going to be great in India where there are no sidewalks and crowds of people everywhere.
    7. If your child is old enough to write, have them JOURNAL constantly during the trip. It’s fun to experience travel through their young eyes! They see / experience everything very differently than we do as adults.

    I will have more to post after our journey in India but wanted to be sure to get in on this contest! 🙂

  52. Beth's Mom Nancy

    My best tip for kids who are 2 or 3 or older is reading aloud–in the car, in the tent at night when camping, when waiting in line at theme parks or museums.

    I have fond memories of crying together in a tent at Mt. Rushmore when Old Yeller died and reading all of Sarah Plain and Tall while we waited for an hour because of road construction on the highway from the beach.

    My favorite reading memory was when we were waiting at Expo 88 in Vancouver BC. Sat down, I opened up SuperFudge and read for 30 minutes. When the line started to move, we got up to go in the exhibit and a middle-aged man near us said, “Wait! How are we going to know how the story came out.”

    Entertains the whole family and helps foster great readers.

  53. I’ve already left one comment, but I thought of another travel tip. When you check your car seat, be sure that it is in a bag (if you choose to put it in one) that is see-through. On our last airline flight, someone let us borrow a special car seat bag, but we didn’t try it out until we were in the airport parking lot, and we discovered it was too large for our seat. Since we had 2 black trash bags in the trunk, we just put those over the car seat once we got to the ticket counter, and the ticket guy put the big destination sticker across the bag. Easy, right?

    We got to our destination and our car seat never came out in baggage claim. The airline gave us a lender car seat and said that they thought our seat would be arriving on the next flight. We were fine with that and arranged to have it delivered.

    Imagine our surprise when we got home and received a call saying that our car seat had been found on our original flight, but that airport personnel had mistaken it for the trash bag! Luckily, someone noticed the tags on the bag before it was thrown into the trash.

    So, we will still put our seat in a bag to keep it safe when traveling, but from now on it will be something see-through! Incidentally, you can purchase car seat bags from airlines, but when we were flying Delta one bag cost $3, and I’m sure the price will go up, along with all of the other costs.

  54. Oops, I meant to say above that the car seat bag we were loaned was too SMALL for our seat. Sorry!

  55. me and my husband took our 2.5 month old to texas to see the fam. my husband left and me and the little one stayed for another day or two. that meant that i was flying alone with my 2.5 month old back to portland. here are my travel tips:
    -if you can keep your baby happy by singing or reading to them, don’t worry about it bothering the people next to you because they would probably like hearing you instead of a crying baby.
    -use a carrier for the airport. i had him, his diaper bag and my carry on and i almost died just holding him, then i remembered that i had a carrier, so at my lay-over i used it and it was a whole new world.
    -i was flying southwest and it is open seating and i was by myself. so i carried the boppy and had it on my knee while everyone else was getting their seats…so it was kind of hanging into the next seat. even though it was a pretty full flight i think the boppy hanging over gave people the added clue that we needed a little more space. i am happy to say that i had an open seat beside me the whole way (and we had 3 stops).

  56. Teresa Hoyt

    2. My best travel tip is to always bring PLENTY of snacks and travel games! Some may frown at video games, but if you want to keep your sanity for at least half of the trip, bring them and some spare batteries!

  57. 1- we have found our travels to be cross country visiting family…greta was on 18 flights by age 2 (gotta get in all those freebies)- since then she has probably been on about 10 more (she is 3 1/2 now) with her sister calla (only 8 more months and then we will be paying for TWO tickets!). i will say our favorite trip was to disneyworld. it was so fun watching greta get excited about the princesses (i know, totally cheesy, but we loved watching her pure joy).

    2- make sure to pack snacks (especially since you don’t get anything on domestic flights) and if you can travel southwest…they are the BEST for families with kids!!! also pack new books and coloring/activity books. i agree with your mom, reading to kids is the best way to pass time and also fosters great readers. we have also found that while in the airport the moving walkways provide HOURS (think delayed flight) of entertainment. we also go on “hunts”- for people wearing pink, for the bathroom, for anything we can think of! and if it’s a really long lay-over/delay, we maybe – just maybe – buy a treat. the one last thing is to always ask if the flight is full. if it isn’t, they are usually very willing to give you a free seat for your child. we also take our car seat to the gate, in case we get a free seat, since our kids sleep much better in their car seats than on us. if the flight is full we just check the seat at the gate (with our maclaren volo- our other travel staple), simple as that. so…i gave more than one tip, but those are all good ones! 🙂

    3- probably the time we were camping in yellowstone and bison came waltzing through our campsite in the middle of dinner. think 30 or so…just strolling through. it was alarming, but they wanted nothing to do with us – or our food- they just were walking through to get to their next destination. greta still talks about bison. that…or the time greta (at 5 months) had a complete blow out in the middle of a trip!

  58. Best Travel Tip – don’t forget about Amtrak! With the cost and hassle of flying these days, it can actually be cheaper and easier to take the train than the plane. It may take a little longer, but that’s just more time to enjoy kicking back and watching the scenery go by, thinking about those security lines that you’re not in!

  59. Best Travel Tip

    Bring entertainment – depending on your child’s age that can be books, crayons, dvds, gaming systems etc. Regardless of if your child is 2 mos or 12, you need to bring something to ease the boredom of traveling until you get to your destination.

    Bring snacks! Hungry kids are not good travelers. ditto for drinks.

    Bring a change of clothes that is not packed somewhere impossible to reach (on a luggage rack or on the bottom of a plane). You never know when an accident can happen.

    Bring cash. not all places take CC and traveling by car can bring unexpected tolls.

    Finally – if someone needs to use the rest room, make sure you stop ASAP. I was pregnant and really had to go. My DH thought it would be a good idea to wait until the next rest stop. We were in the middle of no where. 45 minutes later we were finally found another one. I almost divorced him that day. kids and pregnant women need frequent pit stops.

  60. Best Travel tip – With TWINS!

    1) Stroller option: We LOVE our Kolkraft Contours double tandem stroller. It has removable seats so you can click on two infant car seats, is thin enough to go through doorways and is strong (been off roading on trails and through a farm)! For those that don’t want to (or can’t) afford to buy a $600 stroller this is a great alternative (about $200) and we love the versatility!

    2) Carrier/one stroller option:
    There are times when we just don’t want to pull out the “baby train”, so we can get by nicely with a single umbrella stroller and an infant carrier like the ergo. This way the fact we have twins goes nicely unnoticed and we are even more mobile than before!

  61. Best Travel Tip:
    Instead of staying in a hotel, stay in a hostel that has private rooms for families. We’ve found that when our child was too cranky to go out to dinner, it was so easy to cook familiar food for our family in the kitchen. Also, he finds it so interesting to socialize with the many other travelers as well as the hostel owners. Many hostels have both indoor and outdoor games to play as well. It is just so laid back that our child has always been so comfortable staying at hostels. Plus the cultural experience our child has gotten interacting with people from all over the world is priceless.

  62. Our worst nightmare happened when our 11 month old son got nasty sick the day before we were scheduled to leave for Florida. We went ahead with our trip as planned, but made stops at every changing table between our small town Illinois airport and Ft Lauderdale, including 3 changes before we were even airborne from our home airport!
    Worst of all, as soon as we landed, mommy caught the sickness and ran straight for the restroom at the baggage claim to lose my lunch.
    Daddy didn’t catch it until later that night after he had found a local Target to stock up on more diapers, Pepto, and chicken broth.
    Our first couple of days in Florida were enjoyed from the bathroom of our hotel room! MISERABLE!!

  63. We haven’t brought my daughter anywhere so far but have a trip planned to the Caribbean next month and are hoping it goes well. My craziest pre-baby trip was when my husband and I went to Pasadena to see the Rose Bowl on Jan 1, 2000 and ended up sleeping on the street for New Year’s Eve of 1999 because we wanted good seats for the Rose Parade the next morning. Nothing like waking up with cars driving by your head!

  64. sweetnlow121

    Best Travel Tip – My son HATED his car seat, particularly when he was younger. It made any trip, especially long trips really stressful. We decided to get some new toys that we would open and introduce him to on the long trips. It was something new so he was interested in it and it distracted him from his dislike of the car seat
    jasonncaryn at yahoo dot com