Try Cabo With Your Toddler

The following post is written by our blogging buddy, Melissa Moog, of Itsa-Belly. Her toddler, Isabella, is just a few months older than our Grace and they recently traveled with her to Cabo, Mexico. The following are Melissa’s tips for feeding your baby there and managing the tricky car seat dilemma.

Cabo is an Americanized and modern town due to tons of tourism with lots of options for feeding your baby. We fed Isabella milk which we bought on site at our resort in their general market. We also ate at credible restaurants that offered rice, beans, chicken etc. We even shopped at the local market and bought veggies and fruit which were fine. Drinking bottled water with an American label or a local label that is credible (ask your hotel receptionist) is usually fine. We had no problem.

We had a shuttle pick us up at the airport called Transcabo and they offer car seats for an extra charge. Our car seat straps weren’t working properly though so beware and if you’re paranoid about this then bring your own and be prepared to carry it! There were no laws enforcing car seats there and drivers didn’t seem to care. We did share a shuttle to avoid the expensive cost and it was a bit of a bumpy ride sitting in the back of the van. Note that there are two terminals in the Cabo airport which are about 1-2 miles away fr each other and walking with luggage and kids if you get dropped off at the wrong one is totally inconvenient – this happened to us! So, make sure you ask the taxi or shuttle driver if the terminal you are dropped off at has your airline!

Thanks Melissa! Have you traveled to Cabo with your child? If you liked it, let us know plus any tips you may have!


One response to “Try Cabo With Your Toddler

  1. Thanks for the information! Many people are interested in knowing how to travel with kids. It can be precarious at times. But with the right information, a family vacation can be smooth sailing!

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