Welcome Baby Anna and plans for Mexico

We welcomed Anna Clara Sethi into our family on June 22nd. She’s a beautiful baby girl and we’re loving getting to know her. Now at almost 3 months we’re getting lots of smiles, longer stretches of sleep (hallelujah!) and are about to embark on our first international adventure with 2 kids.

We’ve chosen a low-key vacation at an all-inclusive resort in Puerto Morelos, on the Mexican Yucatan peninsula. It’s near Cancun but quieter and less touristy than Cancun, so we’ve heard. My parents are joining us, making the prospect of traveling with two little ones far less daunting.

In the meantime, our three-year old, Grace, is getting excited about our Mexican adventure. This is the first trip she’s actually asked questions about beforehand. Tonight as I laid in bed with her she wanted to know every detail about our travel: what time she’ll be woken up, what we’ll do when we get to the airport, where Daddy will park the car, how he will find us in the terminal, etc. etc. It dawned on me – she’s actually old enough to care!  This little girl has six stamps in her passport but she has never really known that she was in some of the most incredible places in the world, let alone asked questions about how travel logistics work. How exciting that she now anticipates travel, perhaps even more than I do any more!

After she was tucked in bed I got in a bit of a tizzy about making this trip “culturally meaningful” for Grace. She’s going to Mexico, a place she knows a little about from Mexican friends. She knows a few token Spanish words (gato and adios, in particular).  In my quest to make this trip more than a week playing in the sand for my little preschooler, I went on amazon.com and discovered this great booklist of bilingual Spanish-English books. Of course I reserved them ALL at our library (where oh where will they fit in our luggage?).

In my zeal I may find myself overloaded with library books. Still what a discovery to realize we are now a family of travelers, no longer a traveling couple with a child or two in tow. While Anna may just be along for the ride this year, Grace will be able to absorb new people, new words, new foods, new sights, new smells. Our job as parents is to find creative ways to enhance those discoveries.  Way #1: a trip to the library to pick up that pile of books I reserved.


3 responses to “Welcome Baby Anna and plans for Mexico

  1. Wow, just came across your blog and I am excited about reading about your trips and finding out more about those 6 stamps in your daughters passport. Please check out my blog and ask me anything…I hope you have a wonderful time, your daughter will just love it…for what it is, I wouldn’t worry about her “just playing in the sand”…I think the great part is that you see it thru their eyes, and that’s what makes it so special..because they have eagle eyes and notice so many things we miss or take for granted. Take care, Tina and Angel – AdventureZ in Mexico

  2. Huge congrats on Baby Anna! So glad to hear you are hitting the road (or already hit it probably) and adventuring to Mexico. It’s weird cause I’ve actually thought about your family (well what I know of your ambitious travels over the years at least through your blog) as my little family has been traveling too. My son is now 18 months old and he has been across the country a few times, to Hawaii and to China. We are already planning our next round of travels for the year (hopefully Puerto Rico and Japan). Trying to squeeze in at least 1 more big trip before he turns 2. Thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration to me when I was pregnant and having regular panic attacks about life changing and everyone telling us we would never travel again. It was the one thing I held onto all during my pregnancy and after my son was born. I knew everything else would change, but I told my husband we would still travel no matter what. And we have! The trip to China was the true testament for me that we can keep doing this. Sure travel is a bit different and a bit slower at times, but who says that’s a bad thing. My husband is thrilled he gets to nap and I actually slow down enough to really see things. And the Ergo baby carrier is the hero of all baby gear. My son has napped in the Forbidden City, Great Wall of China, streets of Hong Kong, more flights than I care to remember, not to mention several PacNW parks and gardens on the east coast. So stay strong. Even with two kids, you can totally do this! I’m hoping to use some of your tips for traveling in Argentina in the next few years too. Fingers crossed. So many places, so little time!

    • Thanks! So glad to hear we inspired you. Our blog is a bit slow these days but we’re still traveling. We’re headed back to Mexico in a few weeks and then to Japan ourselves this summer!


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