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The world is an incredible adventure for our little ones. Travel introduces all of us to new sights, sounds, food, weather, colors, music, and ways of thinking. If you start when they’re young, you introduce your children to the wonders of the world and gift them with a love and understanding for people and places that are different from them. You also teach them important life skills such as flexibility, creativity, new languages, new foods, even map-reading and world history!

We live in Portland, Oregon, where Steve is an internist and Beth runs her own business from home. We were obsessive about travel before our first daughter, Grace, was born and we decided to share that with her after she came into our lives, despite the misgivings others may have had. We so often hear “it’s just too hard to travel with kids!” Admittedly travel with children has its own challenges but to us the benefits far outweigh the hassles. We have continued to travel since Anna was born in 2010 and don’t plan to stop as our family grows. The key is to remain flexible, be creative and plan well. Please leave your comments, travel tips and experiences here on the blog or email us at kidsgoglobal (at) gmail (dot) com.

Remember kids do go global…if only you’ll take them!

Happy travels!

Beth, Steve, Grace and Anna

IMG_0318_2Our family in Turkey


11 responses to “About Us

  1. Love this site, it is brilliant! From one avid traveler to another I look forward to reading more!!!
    Thanks so much for taking the time to do this!!!

  2. Great site! I like how you two have focused on experiencing the culture of various locations. There is so much more to do than hang out at a resort pool with your kids all day! World travel really gives kids that much needed sense of global community.

    On a peronal note, our kids love Mexico; especially the Yucatan penninsula. They can’t get enough of those Mayan ruins. We are looking forward to Italy as soon as we can escape!

  3. I have just discovered your wonderful site!

    We are a family that is going on our 3rd year of an open ended world tour, so I could not agree more on the value of global travel for families!!

    Our daughter was 5 when we began and we could not have made a better decision as it has far surpassed our expectations.

    Great information, thanks for inspiring others!

  4. I just found your site and love the advice – especially about passports! I’ve definitely been there, done that.

    Look forward to reading more and enjoying your travels.

  5. Love your site! Great advice on traveling with a child.

    We are planning a trip to Argentina and was wondering if you had any information about hiring a babysitter there. Our son will be 18 months when we go in March. We planned on renting an apartment, so we won’t have a hotel service to rely on.


    • Hi Lorraine,

      We didn’t use a babysitting or nanny service while we were there, but I believe Apartments BA and many other apartment rental companies have concierge services that will help you with this. Since you’re planning on renting an apartment, you could look for one through a reputable company that offers this type of assistance. You would probably find it useful in other ways as we did. We recommend Apartments BA as we had a positive experience renting through them. Have a great trip and please post any updates or advice on our blog when you get back!


  6. I was so happy to find your site. My husband and I live in Seattle and we love to travel. Now that I’m pregnant, of course I started to freak out a little that our travel days were over. We both had made the decision that we wanted to keep traveling, even after kids. So to make sure we do, I’m already starting to plan our first trip next winter to Australia or Argentina (the worlds a big place, so hard to decide), so there can be no excuses to not get up and go. Should be interesting to see the world with our 6 month old by then. Luckily we will be headed back east when he/she is 4 months so we can do a test run. Never to young to get the travel bug in their system.

  7. Hi! I have a one year old and was apprehensive about travelling anywhere further than the backyard and now I have the confidence thanks to your website! I am looking to go to Cuba and Peru and your website just validates my beliefs! Travel with child! Thanks!

    • Thank you for letting us know, Fern! We started this blog because we hoped other parents would jump out and discover the fun of traveling with little ones like we have. Stay in touch and let us know where you decide to go. Cuba? We’d love to have a guest blog post about that!


  8. Your website is brilliant. I love to travel and want to instill that love in my 2 children Zoey (age 5 1/2) and Theodora (age 2). We have traveled as a family to Greece a few times and look forward to our next adventure which will include Turks and Caicos. Do you have any other great recommendations in the USA for travel with my family?

  9. I’m so happy to have come across your blog. We love to travel too but have had some challenging time with our toddler’s sleep before. And now we also have a 3 month old too. Thanks for sharing your experiences with others. Looking forward to reading them.

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