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And The Winners Are…

We’re pleased to announce the winners of the Kids Go Global travel contest! We had over 60 entries and you all submitted some incredibly creative and interesting travel tips, destinations and stories. Thank you to each of our entrants! You made our job hard but we managed to narrow it down to three winners.

We chose our top entry in each category, then randomly drew names to determine who won which of the three great prizes. Here are the winners of each category along with their prize:

First prize – Ergo Baby Carrier Travel System

The first prize winner is Cheryl W. for her excellent travel tip. She recommended printing off maps from AAA, highlighting your route and letting your kids follow along as you travel. We loved this idea because it’s cheap, easy and incredibly educational not to mention fun (we’re both map junkies ourselves!). Great idea Cheryl!

Second prize – Passport bag from Bambootique plus Travels With Baby book

The second prize winner is Margie who recommends Stockholm, Sweden for a travel destination with children. We’ve heard great things about Sweden from their incredibly generous maternity leave policies to their support of mothers breastfeeding just about anywhere to their excellent universal healthcare coverage. Margie’s description of the city made it even more attractive with its easy public transportation, child-friendly boutiques and restaurants and parks everywhere. Be sure to read Margie’s entry for all the details of great spots to go with kids including the zoo, royal palace, waterways and extended daylight in the summer time. Margie, will you be our tour guide?

Third prize – Lonely Planet’s Travels With Children book

The third prize winner is Molly with her humorous childhood road trip memory. She recalled her parents’ desperation to let the children burn off some steam, even if meant playing in the proximity of snakes! We chose Molly’s entry because we thought it showed the importance of weighing the risks vs. benefits of an experience when traveling with children, as well as the value of doing something crazy and creating a lifelong memory! Obviously we don’t advocate letting your kids near dangerous animals but we gave Molly’s parents the benefit of the doubt that the presence of other children playing freely in the area helped them feel their children were safe. As parents we have to use our best judgment, especially when traveling. If we followed every well-meaning bit of advice when it comes to travel, few of us would venture further than our own backyards. Thanks Molly for sharing this funny but formative moment from your life!

Congratulations to all our winners and thanks again to everyone who entered!


Enter the Kids Go Global Travel Contest and Win an Ergo Baby Carrier!

In celebration of our recent launch, we are thrilled to announce our first ever travel contest! The grand prize is a complete Ergo baby carrier travel system, complete with carrier, infant insert and backpack valued at over $170!

Second prize is a passport travel bag from Bambootique, Beth’s fair trade company, valued at $22 PLUS a copy of the excellent travel book Travels with Baby, signed by author Shelly Rivoli and valued at $20.

Third prize is a copy of the Lonely Planet’s helpful guide Travel With Children, valued at $15.

The prizes are great and entering is super easy, but you have to do before the end of July to qualify, so enter now! Just submit a comment at the bottom of this post in one of the following three categories:

  1. Best Travel Destination – Tell us about the most interesting place you have traveled with your child(ren), why you chose it and why you would (or wouldn’t) recommend it for other families.
  2. Best Travel Tip – What is the most useful tip you have learned in your own experience to help make traveling with kids more enjoyable for everyone?
  3. Best Travel Story – What is the most exciting, craziest, most unbelievable, or most hysterical travel story your family has experienced?

Please indicate at the beginning of your post which category you are entering. Be sure to include your email address (won’t be made public on the site) so we can contact you if you win! Regardless of which category you submit for, please keep your entry somewhat brief. Please only one entry per household. Entries close July 31st, when we will choose our winner in each category. From those three winners we will randomly draw from a hat to decide who gets which prize. Thanks for entering and good luck!