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And Then There Were Three


We started Kids Go Global when we were traveling footloose and fancy free, meaning with just one child. Our little family has quickly expanded, adding Anna in 2010 and now David who was born in December 2011. People ask us a lot, “Are you still going to keep traveling now that you have three?” For us the answer is a resounding “yes!”  At 19 months old Anna has already been to Mexico twice and Japan once, not to mention camping trips and other overnight travels closer to home. We just wouldn’t be our family without travel.

But it would be naive to think that traveling with three will be the same as traveling with one or two. The logistics of two little ones last summer to Japan were incredibly challenging. After that trip Steve and I agreed no more trips like that (i.e. involving lots of public transportation and lots of moving around the country) until kids are old enough to help carry luggage. Also no more trips like that while pregnant. Or in the suffocating heat of summer.

As I write this David is just six weeks old so it’s too soon to be planning anything too crazy. We are headed back to the Mexican Yucatan in May, all three kids in tow. But that’s more of a “vacation” than true “travel.” That’s what we can handle right now and it fulfills our need for different scenery, different food, different weather, using our Spanish, and letting our kids experience a different culture. So we’ll take it.

I have big plans to catch up on this blog. We have lots more to say about travel in Japan with kids plus more to write about our favorite part of Mexico with kids, the Riviera Maya. Those posts will get written, more adventures will be planned. These days I’m spending a lot of time dreaming about where I want to go as soon as all three can carry their own bags. Any suggestions?


Kids Go Global On Sabbatical

We’re still traveling – most recently to Eleuthera in The Bahamas; Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Olympic National Park. However you may have noticed our blog has taken a bit of an extended vacation of its own. We will return to blogging about our travels soon, we hope, although possibly not until after our family grows by +1 sometime after June of this year. Thanks for your patience and happy traveling!

Enter the Kids Go Global Travel Contest and Win an Ergo Baby Carrier!

In celebration of our recent launch, we are thrilled to announce our first ever travel contest! The grand prize is a complete Ergo baby carrier travel system, complete with carrier, infant insert and backpack valued at over $170!

Second prize is a passport travel bag from Bambootique, Beth’s fair trade company, valued at $22 PLUS a copy of the excellent travel book Travels with Baby, signed by author Shelly Rivoli and valued at $20.

Third prize is a copy of the Lonely Planet’s helpful guide Travel With Children, valued at $15.

The prizes are great and entering is super easy, but you have to do before the end of July to qualify, so enter now! Just submit a comment at the bottom of this post in one of the following three categories:

  1. Best Travel Destination – Tell us about the most interesting place you have traveled with your child(ren), why you chose it and why you would (or wouldn’t) recommend it for other families.
  2. Best Travel Tip – What is the most useful tip you have learned in your own experience to help make traveling with kids more enjoyable for everyone?
  3. Best Travel Story – What is the most exciting, craziest, most unbelievable, or most hysterical travel story your family has experienced?

Please indicate at the beginning of your post which category you are entering. Be sure to include your email address (won’t be made public on the site) so we can contact you if you win! Regardless of which category you submit for, please keep your entry somewhat brief. Please only one entry per household. Entries close July 31st, when we will choose our winner in each category. From those three winners we will randomly draw from a hat to decide who gets which prize. Thanks for entering and good luck!

Welcome to Kids Go Global

If we had a dollar (or a euro or a peso or a yen) for every person surprised that we travel the world with our daughter, we’d be able to retire at one of our more exotic travel destinations. For all the many things most people do with their young children, it seems travel is rarely one of them. We’ve heard many reasons not to travel with kids ranging from wanting to wait until they are old enough to remember their travels to security issues to just not wanting to deal with the hassles. We take exception to these excuses – how many other things do we do with our children they won’t remember (music classes, outings to the zoo, feeding them only organic vegetables)? Yes the world can be a scary place but it can also open up whole new ways of thinking that you can’t get staying at home. And absolutely, there are hassles taking children on the road (and in the air), but for us the joys far outweigh the headaches.

Before our daughter Grace was born we traveled throughout Asia, Europe, Canada, the United States and Latin America. The excitement of travel and the perspective it gives us on the world are so important to us that we intentionally decided to continue discovering the world with our baby. Children begin to acquire their worldview from birth and we wanted our daughter’s to include an understanding of the places, people and issues beyond her backyard, not to mention wanting to have fun with her. By the time she reached 16 months Grace had already traveled to four countries and five U.S. states, and all three of us thrived on our trips.

This blog has its roots in a recent two-week trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, one of the most elegant and exciting cities in the world. We were pleasantly surprised at how, with a lot of forethought, we were able to pull off an enjoyable vacation for all three of us in a fairly off-the-beaten-path location. While strolling with Grace through some of Buenos Aires’ beautiful parks we were reassured in our belief that our children can grow up excited about all this planet holds. While planning for the trip we were surprised at how little information we found for parents who wanted to travel with their children somewhere beyond the all-inclusive resorts (which we also love, but not for every trip). We decided to create Kids Go Global to document our experiences as globe-trotting parents and to hear from others who do or want to do the same.

Thanks for visiting our blog. We hope you find our experiences helpful and we really love to hear your perspective through comments on this blog. Remember kids do go global…if only you’ll take them!